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I’m EPG Photography

“I use photography as a means of self-expression – I make pictures for myself, to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality, and to express my interpretation of the world around me

My Name is Essie Graham, Owner of EPGPhotography.



A Self-taught photographer, living in Plano, Texas. Essie Graham picked up her first camera while stationed in Germany and has been hooked ever since.

Essie considers herself to be a film ‘junkie’. She is prolific with any type of film or camera. Her experimental methods have set her apart from the norm, as both a photographer and an artist

Artist’s Statement

Essie’s goal as a photographer is to share a specific moment in time that hopefully evokes a sense of curiosity or emotion in the viewer.

She enjoys pictures that have a “mood” to them. This is typically what she strives for in her images. Some people argue that photographs can never be art because they are taken not made. But she believes that a great photograph is every bit as much as a work of art as a great painting or sculpture.


In Italian, the mother tongue of the Renaissance,

“si fa una fotografia – one makes a photograph, not takes it”

Welcome to my site.
214-668-6557 | egraham@epgphotography.com

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