Photoblocks are  photographs flush-mounted on a cradled wood panel with a Resin top coating.


Back in 2011, I did my first outdoor art show.  I was at the Dallas Farmer’s market.  I  had a 10×10 tent with 2×6 grid walls and about 20 framed 16×20 prints.  I was doing very well until a big gust of wind blew in and tried to take my tent and art work with it. Yes, I had weights on the tent.  The glass broke in about 6 of my framed prints.  It started me  thinking that there had to be a better way to display my work without frames, broken glass and tears. I always liked the way that painting looked when displayed on a gallery canvas.

I suppose  that I could have had them printed on canvas,  but I have never like the that look.  The quantity, and color wasn’t that  great.  What I wanted was to mount an a print (using different types of photo paper) to the canvas using some kind of photo safe glue.  I attended a seminar at Azel art store in Dallas, they had a rep from Golden Paint company showing some of there new products.  I explain to the rep what I was trying to do,  She told told me to try Golden Soft Gel Gloss. The 1st version of the photoblocks was created!!

Version 1

Paper: Satin and Metallic  paper (Red River Paper Co.)
Base: Galley  Wrap Canvas
Glue: Golden Soft Gel Gloss
Top Coating : Minwax Polycrylic Protective  – Water Based

Working with canvas was kinda tricky at first.  Using the soft gel gloss as a glue, I had to work very quickly, because it would dry before I could get the print mounted. The second problem that I had was that it was hard to get all the air (between the photograph and canvas) out because the canvas is soft. I had about 5 or 6 come apart on me because of the problems listed above.  Eventually I was able to get the look that I wanted.

But If you know me,  I’m always looking to improve on things!!  On to Photoblocks version 2!!

Photoblock - Version #1
Photoblock - Version #1
Photoblock version. 2 - with Resin top coat
Art Resin High Gloss Top Coating

Version 2

With Version 2 of the photoblocks.  I changed everything.  No more problems with air bubble or drying glue.

Paper: Metallic  paper (Red River Paper Co.)
Base: Cradled Wood Painting Panel
Glue: Scotch Photo Mount (Photo-safe Adhesive) Spray
Top Coating : Art Resin (High Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coating)

The new photoblocks are more durable, and cool looking. !!


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